A portrait photographer with a photojournalist’s eye, Scott Robinson has made pictures of some of the best-known faces in the world. Stephen Spielberg and Sharon Stone have stepped before his camera, as have former presidents Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton. His essay, Faces of Heroes, a collection of portraits of soldiers returning to the war in Iraq, was featured in a gallery show in the complex of the United States Capitol. Now Scott is training his keen sense of composition and lighting on America’s fastest-growing sport: NASCAR, for the upcoming book FACES OF NASCAR. This project brings Scott full circle, back to his roots. He’s a native of Owensboro, Kentucky, where he grew up spending weekends on his grandparent’s farm and weekdays shooting hoops in the backyard. Owensboro also happens to be the hometown of some of NASCAR’s biggest stars, names like Waltrip, Green and Mayfield. (Scott remembers when the Green boys drove the neighbors crazy, racing go-karts up and down the street.) For Scott, FACES of NASCAR is not an abstract project; it’s a way to bring the skills he has honed his entire career to shine a light on the people and places that are deep in his heart.